Dr. Sue Redmond

Facilitating Transformation

  • Individual

    Heal Past Stressors & Traumas. Live Joyfully in the Present & Create a Compelling Future Aligned to Your Highest Purpose.

  • Organisation

    Deepen Understanding of Team Personalities. Boost Collective Team Awareness and Performance with Bespoke Training & Retreats.

  • Agency

    Create Tailored Programmes & Training for Professionals who work with Children and Families. Guided by National & International Evidence of Best Practice.

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“I LOVE her approach, she was so good with my daughter. She really helped her with her anxiety about going to school. I can’t thank her enough! ”

Parent to 15-year-old girl


“We were really lucky to have Sue deliver both online short introduction to meditation workshops, and also face-to-face mindfulness workshops for community workers. Sue is down to earth and a great communicator, with a real skill for taking the mystery out of meditation and mindfulness for the general public, so people can make small but profound changes in their lives.”

Development Manager, Galway Volunteer Centre

Donncha Foley

“After working with Sue my boyfriend was in shock at how my energy shifted, from someone who is slow to get moving in the morning, seriously unmotivated to someone he literally called ‘a new woman’. I’m in good form first thing and focused for the day. Unreal, thanks Sue for your kindness, presence and support! ”



“Working with Sue is like gaining a superpower, you finally understand how your mind really works and it helps with everything! ”



“I love my son but I didn’t understand him, he frustrated me and just seemed like he was always looking for attention. From working with Sue I have a much greater understanding of his needs for connection, he’s not acting out in the same way and I’m enjoying being a dad to this great teenager. The way things were going I never thought I’d hear myself say that. ”

Parent to 15-year-old boy


“I didn’t fit in, I’m a girl in a boy’s body. Most people don’t understand me but Sue did and helped me figure out how to be ok with who I am. I like who I am and I like expressing it through art and the clothes I wear. ”



“I was seriously unmotivated, I just wasn’t bothered with school and didn’t really see the point of most things. Somehow Sue helped me figure out what was important to me, she got to the core of who I am and now I feel the energy to work towards what I want to create in my life ”



“Sue is an enthusiastic facilitator who is very passionate about meditation and mindfulness. The course allows you to look at your life both inside and outside of work from a different viewpoint and helps you to re-evaluate what's important. Great practical methods are taught to help you cope with what life throws at you.”

Past student


“Sue is light-hearted in her delivery and makes understanding the changes that mindfulness brings to the brain appealing to develop a regular practice. We have really enjoyed having Sue come back and do mindfulness and team-building workshops with our team. They provide a fun space for our team members to connect over activities that encourage them to work together, while also learning techniques that are valuable to their personal and professional lives. ”

Senior Process Development Manager at Boston Scientific

Pete Brady

“I got to a stage of competing in triathlons where I was filled with anxiety before races, it really got to me. Sue helped me to manage my pre-race anxiety, get back to why I joined triathlons in the first place and enjoy it again!”



“The course was excellent and an eye-opener but what struck me most was Sue's ability to explain concepts easily but firmly grounded in Neuroscience. Sue is highly engaging and shares her expertise which encourages one to think about applying principles of neuroscience in everyday work. She is very personable and makes things practical so it’s easier to integrate into life, creating subtle but lasting change.”

Director of Software Engineering

John Mannion

“Sue was the ultimate professional and walked us through the session gently and took us on a journey to deal with the stresses of life. She presented excellent practical tips to deal with day-to-day challenges and how mindfulness can benefit everyone in their lives no matter what challenges may come your way. ”

Director Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group

Michelle Murphy

The Athlete's Secret Garden

Tending the mind for peak performance

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