Next MBCL Course Venue: Online via Zoom

Date/Time: TBC 7:00pm-9:30pm evenings or 10:00-12:30pm Sundays

One silent compassion session: TBC 7:00-9:30pm

Includes 8 teaching sessions and 1 silent session. 


Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living course is for people who wish to learn how to deal in a healthy way with pain, stress or suffering, in whatever form it presents – physical, mental, emotional or relational. Those already familiar with mindfulness practice and who have already followed a mindfulness-based training (e.g. MBSR or MBCT) can deepen the healing effects of mindfulness with the help of this program, which offers exercises in cultivating compassion for ourselves and others. 


It is particularly suitable for those who find mindfulness practice beneficial but have difficulty integrating it into their daily lives and develop a kind and compassionate attitude towards themselves.


The training is based on a scientific understanding of the importance of compassion, self-compassion and positive effects of most components have been separately demonstrated in studies among clinical and non-clinical populations.


Throughout the course, you will work with your own stress, pain and illness with deepening compassion. You will develop an awareness of inner critic/bully, compassionate companion, safe space, compassionate body scan and many more. This awareness provides the opportunity to engage with life in a compassionate way and is the foundation upon which new perspectives are built. As the emphasis is on bringing compassion into everyday life, home practice and journaling are also an important aspect of the course.


A safe and supportive environment will be created for this work and learning through:

  • Guided instruction in compassion meditation practices.

  • Compassionate stretching and mindful yoga.

  • Group dialogue and discussions aimed at enhancing compassion in everyday life.

  • Individually tailored instruction.

  • Daily home practice of 45-60 minutes.

  • Personal reflection through journaling.

  • Practical home assignments.


The course includes:

  • 8 x 2 hour 30-minute classes.

  • Extra silent session 2.5 hours.

  • An initial conversation to determine if this is the right course and the right time for you, as this is an intense course in Compassionate Living Meditation requiring a daily commitment to practice 45 minutes. Students need to commit, for 8 weeks, to integrating compassion into their lives. 

  • Audios to support your practice.


Cost: €300 p.p. 

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