Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teachers unpack the experience of meditation through a lively conversation that sparks insights and inspiration along the way. They bring to life useful mindfulness practices for everyday life.

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Episode 7

In this, the final episode in this season, we explore how encouragement, warmth and vulnerability are what it takes for us to open our hearts. We begin with the powerful words of Hafiz in his poem "It felt Love".

We look at how to turn towards the good and the training that can support us to find the good which is contrary to the inbuilt negativity bias.

We also look at what happens when we create a "story" in our minds, how easy it is for the mind to run away with this story when there is no basis in reality for it. Yet our bodies don't know the difference. 

We look at the power of being our own best friend and the GIFT of asking for help. We ask the question 'Do your circle of friends nourish you?' And explore the impact of this. 

The Practice this week is a guided Breathing Space.

Episode 6

We explore how we can change our perspective with awareness in our heart and breath.

How easily we get offended or hurt and the power of choosing peace and love. 

The projection of our shadow selves on others and how to come back to loving the broken within us. 

Breathing, the space between in and out-breath, a space of being fully alive. Who is here when there is no action here?

How breath can be transformative and detoxifying.

A compassionate breathing, Loving Kindness practice that connects with the suffering of others and sends love and kindness.

Practice: kindness to the body.

Episode 5

Explores the power of self-acceptance and compassion. 

It looks at the science of self-compassion, and how we can have gratitude even in the face of challenges.

We explore the void of unworthiness and question what success is.

The session finishes with a self-compassion practice for an inner struggle. 

Episode 4

We explore how to bring compassion to your inner vulnerabilities.

We look at the inner child.

We explore how limiting beliefs are formed.

What is compassion?

Offer a practice called the Compassionate Companion.

Episode 3

We explore the embodiment of presence

Being awake in our lives and how to recognise signals from the body that let us know when we are not present.

Breath as a key to presence

The experience of pain. What happens when we resist it, approach it and what we learn from the science of neuroplasticity.


Ways to access The Inner Place through movement and meditation.


Falling into flow and the science behind why practice makes a difference.

 We end with an invitation for you to explore mindful eating and experience what happens for yourself.

Episode 2

How we began, and our first experiences and expectations of meditation.

We explore not feeling good enough, meeting ourselves with love and acceptance.

How the intention behind meditation is key.

How those experiencing depression and self-criticism can benefit from mindfulness practise and curiosity. We look at the evolutionary biology negativity bias.

The Science behind how mindfulness helps to treat depression.

A simple practice on Gratitude.

Episode 1

We offer a different way to be with what is happening.

We look at how stress impacts us and use the simple practice of washing hands as a daily life meditation practice.

 We explore letting go of the need to control the mind and everything around us and look at the science behind this, inviting you to become your own scientist. We also look at the emotions as messengers and what they teach us.

Meditation practice on the breath.

A sneaky peak

A sneaky peak introduction into A Cuppa for the Soul. A podcast on bringing mindfulness alive in everyday life.