The Power of Coaching

Today I sat coaching a client, and it always strikes me how powerful it is to really listen to someone. To be really, totally there. Nowhere else, listening with your heart. Helping them to gain a deeper picture of their reality. There is so much that is hidden to us. How can we change what we are not even aware of? Often we believe one thing about ourselves, like this, is the absolute truth. However, frequently we are only seeing one piece of the pie, our perspective. If someone else was to view our situation or behaviour they may think something entirely different.

There is a refreshing honesty that someone outside of your situation can offer to you. It challenges you to become the person you want to become. It challenges you to hold the picture of your values, dreams and goals up to the light and begin to take those steps, however small. There is nothing quite like having someone champion you towards your dreams. I have worked with my own coach for over 5 years and it continues to amaze me all that I learn about myself. As if following a small thread in my mind, even the days when I think I have nothing to uncover the deepest gems can be found through powerful questioning and holding the space of presence and awareness.

Often, quite deep-seated beliefs or fears hold us back and keep us small. And yet there is exquisite power in really being with someone, holding their pain, their sorrow, their challenges and their dreams with them. Bringing awareness and observation to bear on their existence so that they can believe that they are worth taking those steps towards their dreams. That together you can face the barriers and support them as they break through them. Observing the wonder of life breathe through a person as a light of insight dawns across their face. The realisation that they do not have to limit themselves to a set of thoughts or beliefs that they have come to be conditioned towards. Thoughts and beliefs that ultimately prevent them from becoming who they would love to be.

If you feel that you are stuck, feel that you would like a change, feel that you would like to take a step towards your goals or your dreams, I would highly recommend coaching. Often in Ireland, we say ‘I’m grand’ or I’m fine’. What would it be like to wake up and say ‘I’m feeling amazing today’, ‘I’m feeling fulfilled’? I challenge you to stretch yourself beyond your cultural conditioning that suggests we ought to just be a cog in a very big wheel. I challenge you to dig deeper and grab with both hands this once-off wonderful chance you get called life. 

Some people feel that they aren’t worth spending the money on themselves to explore under their mental hood and yet would spend easily that or more on a night out, or a pair of shoes. This thinking only serves to mean that they continually repeat the pattern of behaviour they have engrained. Never really becoming free. Imagine what it would be like to be truly, deeply free and happy.

If you are interested in exploring how coaching can help to transform your life, give me a call or email me!