Teen Coaching Package

This package includes 6-weeks of GROUP COACHING via Zoom

Next Start Date: Thursday 23rd February 2023

Venue: Online via Zoom

Age Group 12-14 years: Thursday 4-5pm GMT

Age Group 15-17 years: Thursday 6-7pm GMT

Age Group 18 + years: Thursday 8-9pm GMT

Small groups where young people learn to connect with their similarities amongst a group of peers, led by an expert in Adolescent Development, Resilience and Leadership. 

Many teenagers find themselves struggling in the current climate, unsure of themselves, ruminating over the past, or anxious about the future and what other people think of them. Some may even suffer a sense of apathy, low motivation, anxiety, or depression. Not to mention a lack of clarity about where they are going or how they are going to get there. 

I help people teenagers to better understand their thoughts and emotions, and how these relate to the outside world and help them to build better relationships with themselves and others. This process helps them to accept and love themselves as they are, not from a place of ego but from a place of worthiness and wholeness. Towards resilience and inner wellbeing. Supporting them to reach their souls potential. 

Why choose me? I have worked with 1000's of young people and continually train professionals in how best to work with children, young people and families in evidence-informed effective ways.  

Email info@sueredmond.com to book a free 15-minute discovery call to assess your needs and areas of interest for change and development.

Coaching Package

  • 01

    Welcome to this Teenage Coaching Package

    • A message from Sue your coach

    • Baseline Questionnaire

    • Baseline Needs Assessment

  • 02

    Week 1: Goals, Obstacles & Motivation

    • Introduction to Week 1: Assessing Goals, Reality, Obstacles and Motivation

    • Home Practices

  • 03

    Week 2: Breaking through Patterns

    • Introduction to Week 2: Breaking through Patterns

    • Home Practices

  • 04

    Week 3: Finding the Root Cause of Blocks

    • Introduction to Week 3: Finding the Root Causes of Blocks

    • Home Practices

  • 05

    Week 4: Managing Thinking with CBT

    • Introduction to Week 4: Managing Thinking

    • Home Practices

  • 06

    Week 5: Anchoring Habits for Happiness

    • Introduction to Week 5: Anchoring

    • Home Practices

  • 07

    Week 6: Creating a Compelling Vision

    • Introduction to Week 6: Creating a Compelling Vision

    • Home Practices

  • 08

    Closing & Review

    • Post Questionnaire

    • Post Assessment