Duration: 8-weeks

Course Days: TBC

Time: 7:00-8:30 pm for 8 weeks.

Where: LIVE via Zoom  

With: Sue Redmond, PhD & Trish McNamara

About the course: 

Most parents get stressed and feel like they are failing at some stage when their teenagers roll their eyes, act moody, disengage from interests, are hard to reach or just aren't motivated like they used to be. It can feel like walking on eggshells. This course teaches parents about the teenage brain so they understand why teenagers behave as they do, and how best to navigate these landmines. As part of this process, parents are invited to turn their attention inwards to connect with their own reactions, desires and excavate their own triggers and patterns that get in the way of being able to connect with their teenager.

As a parent, it’s easy to get triggered by your teenager. You only want the best for them, right? What if your good intentions are getting in the way of being able to authentically connect with them and adds to their resistance. Instead of seeing and reinforcing the positives they have, your parental bias focuses on the negative, turning you into the nagging parent you never wanted to become. Sound 

What if we told you there is another way to connect and support them to tap into their innate resilience and passion, one that is far more effective and inspiring. In the process of you becoming the parent you know you can be, freeing them up to become the kids they are meant to be. 

During this course, we will explore some of the most pressing issues facing teenagers and how best to approach these as a parent. Including wellbeing and mental health, relationships and sexuality, relationship to food, motivation and challenging behaviour. 

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Each session will include:

1.  Research-informed theory to support parental understanding. 

2. Practical approaches and examples of how to integrate each topic area into every living. 

3. Practices and activities to build parental conscious awareness and confidence. 

4. Parental support through Q&A.  

If you miss a session don't worry, it will be uploaded here so you can link in on anything missed. 

Course curriculum

Social proof: testimonials

“I took part in an online course given by Sue on "Consciously Parenting Your Teenager". I found it really interesting, insightful and supportive as a parent with both a teen and a preteen and I would recommend it to any parent of a teen or preteen. 10 Principles to consciously parenting teenagers were clearly explained with examples given to highlight how to incorporate them into your every day parenting. The information about the developing teenager brain was fascinating and particularly helpful. The emphasis on the value of our own self-awareness in our parenting, particularly in terms of highlighting the benefits of and giving examples of the use of mindfulness in parenting our teens was very helpful also.”