Online Mindfulness & Compassion Course

for Stressed & Anxious Teens

The Online Course for Stressed & Anxious Teens

Help your teenager learn practical strategies for managing worry and low mood with this self-paced online course for teens and their parents. 


This 4-week course is designed to teach young people (aged 12 to 18) how to manage feelings of stress, anxiety, worry or low mood and build confidence to navigate common adolescent experiences. It based on effective tools such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living.

This course includes instructional modules for parents on how to support their teenager in implementing these strategies in their daily life.

This course may be suitable for young people who:


Through this course, your teenager will learn skills in mindfulness, compassion, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

This course may be suitable for young people who:

  • Are currently between 12 and 18 years old.

  • Are feeling anxious, stressed out, low or sad, or don't seem to enjoy the things they used to enjoy.

  • Are worried about a lot of different things and the worry is hard to control.

  • Are stuck in the way they feel and would love some help to get out of this cycle.

  • Are ready and willing to learn new skills to change the way they feel.

What’s included:


  • Daily bite-sized lessons that teach core coping skills 10-15 minutes a day. This learning builds a layered approach supporting your teen to learn about their brain and how to support its growth and development.

  • Daily exercises which are designed to help integrate new skills and support your teen in dealing with everyday challenges and triggers.

  • Each lesson is accompanied by a guide for parents/carers.

  • Reminder emails and texts to help you stay on track.

  • Action plans – step by step approaches to help put new skills into practice.

  • Progress Tracking – questionnaires to help monitor your wellbeing and progress.

Backed by Science

This course has been adapted from evidence-based approaches to anxiety and depression in adults to be more suitable for young people aged 12-18 years, including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. MBSR, MBCT and CBT have been extensively researched and evaluated in RCTs and effectiveness studies.


Week 1: Principle 1: I am innately resilient. I can turn inward to hear the wisdom from my emotions for insight and regulation. 

Understanding the Evolution and Mechanics of the Mind

Day 1: The evolution of the mind, body and it's innate resilience The power of the breath and mindfulness) 

Day 2: Explore how physical sensations, thoughts and emotions affect behaviour 

Day 3: Befriending difficult emotions (The science, evolution and function of difficult emotions)

Day 4: A spotlight on stress

Day 5: A spotlight on worry and anxiety

Day 6: A spotlight on sadness, low mood and depression

Day 7: Implementation & Review Day

Week 2: Principle 2: I love and accepting myself as I am. At my core I am happiness, compassion and love. 

Understand the Changing Teenage Brain & Befriending the Body 

Day 1: Brain changes, hormones and emotions (harnessing neurochemicals, mindset and environment on emotional experience)

Day 2: Kindness to the changing body

Day 3: A deep dive into judgement

Day 4: Exploring the impact of attachment 

Day 5: Exploring the impact of aversion

Day 6: Learning to flow with life

Day 7: Implementation & Review Day

Week 3: Principle 3: By understanding my belief system I can form more empowering beliefs.

Inner Patterns

Day 1: Understanding my core beliefs and how they inform my thoughts

Day 2: Exploring cognitive distortions

Day 3: Emotional Freedom & Choosing My Emotional Expression

Day 4: Exploring the inner champion

Day 5: Exploring the inner bully 

Day 6: My committee of helpers

Day 7: Implementation & Review Day


Week 4: Principle 4: All I need is within me. I can positively influence my emotional state.

My Toolbox

Day 1: Mindfulness - mountain meditation

Day 2: Compassion - compassionate companion

Day 2: Gratitude & Appreciation - taking in the good

Day 3: Forgiveness - forgiveness to self and others

Day 4: Generosity - compassion for others

Day 5: Head and Heart - Logic & Intuition

Day 6: Vision, Motivation & Hope

Day 7: Implementation & Review Day



Principle 5: I can take small daily steps to enhance my wellbeing and my life.

Exploring beliefs and integrating wellness the body and mind. 

Day 1: Spotlight on nutrition and eating disorders

Day 2: Spotlight on exercise

Day 3: Spotlight on sleep, journaling and meditation

Day 4: Spotlight on growth mindset & self-directed learning

Day 5: Spotlight on social media and mindful media consumption

Day 6: Spotlight on connected respectful relationships and sexuality

Day 7: Implementation & Review Day

Optional Day: alcohol, drugs & addiction - all taken to fundamentally to change feeling, is there another way?) 

Principle 6: I am important and my contribution matters.

Connecting to the idealist within adolescents and their capacity to create meaningful change in the world. 

Day 1: Connecting to inner light and ripple effect

Day 2: Connecting to passion, innate value and worthiness

Day 3: Connecting to opportunities to share and contribute every single day

Day 4: Connecting to skills existing and skills to develop

Day 5: Create a vision for my life

Day 6: Establishing daily habits supporting wellbeing and contribution/leadership code

Day 7: Implementation & Review Day

WHY CHOOSE THIS Course with Sue...


Sue has been involved in designing, delivering and evaluating courses that support professionals to work with children, adolescents and families for the past 15 years. She has developed trusted programmes for the Health Service Executive - Ireland, Tusla – Ireland, Department of Education – Ireland,  Youth Organisations – Ireland and Internationally.


Sue has worked with children and adolescents since 2005, she takes a child-centred, needs-led and outcomes-focused approach to the programmes she develops to ensure they best meet the needs of users and are informed by best available evidence.


Sue is taking this wealth of knowledge from developing programmes across child and adolescent development to meet children and young people’s needs directly in their homes with ease of access and affordability. Creating connected conversations on things that matter within families.


Sue Redmond, PhD has a professional background in science, youth and community work and health promotion and sociology. She holds a PhD in Youth leadership, resilience and social support. She is a teacher of MBSR, MBCT and MBCL and is qualified in teaching CBT for  young people. She is a transformational coach who works with adolescents and adults.

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